Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Women & Work

I decided to focus on these two images, as I believe this is still very much the portrayal of women and work that people still have. The images I found were one from the 2006 film, The Devil wears Prada and the 1987 film Fatal Attraction. I thought it would be interesting to highlight how many of the negative connotations that came with not only women at work, but with women in power have not changed since the 80’s. The image of actress Glenn Close in the film I think says volumes about the emotional state that is believed to consume and possess women when let out to the responsibilty of the work place. It almost suggests that women can not be allowed in the work place as they will mess it up, by falling in love or doing something typically, stupidly or uniquely female.
The image of Meryl Streep, I found quite cold and almost echoes ice maiden. Her body language although it suggests professionalism, power and no nonsense somehow you can’t help but feel if she was swapped with a male counterpart it wouldn’t be as chilling and unnerving. Having watched the movie, her coldness isn't only present at work but its reflected in the neglectful relationship she has with her husband and results in most of her maternal instincts, time and effort invested in steering her magazine forward.These ideas, that women turn into psychotic messes or soulless corporate witches seem narrow minded in this day and age, but never the less still exist and supports the view that some feminists still hold, that women still have a long way to go.

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