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Daughter of Intervention

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Blog 6 South West Immigration

Anti http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/illegal-immigration-and-the-reconquest-of-americas-southwest/

You get a feeling for what this website is like by because of it heading. Conservatives who love America. It is not strictly just anti immigration but a website voicing American conservationism. They are against South West immigration for a number of issues. Firstly they say that unlike other forms of immigration they cannot be properly assimilated into America (the melting pot) and the claim that this will result in a separate quasi nation in the United states. They also claim that they are overly politicly active.

This latino affairs page of ADL. The adl serve to support immigrants and stand up for their rights. They have not just supported Latino integration but integration of several immigrant and religious groups. It runs training programs to help understanding of such issues. They claim to have "taken a role exposing the virulent, anti Latino and xenophobic retertoric" that has risen over the immigration debate.

Latino America

Anti-immigration - http://www.ccir.net// -

The California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) is a anti-immigration group based in California. The Southern Poverty Law states that the head of the organization is a woman named Barbara Coe who is a co-sponsor of California's Proposition 187, which would have denied medical care to illegal immigrants. The website also states that Coe claims that she has exposed a secret Mexican plan to take over the South-West states of America. According to The Southern Poverty Law the California Coalition for Immigration Reform has sponsored billboard at the border of Arizona and California saying “Welcome to California, the Illegal Immigrant State. Don't Let This Happen To Your State” which you can view pictures of on the CCIR website.

The website CCIR, headed under the slogan “Ready, Set, Go Home” offer merchandise and membership which can be bought via the internet by anyone. The website offers news links to keep up-to-date with the status on illegal immigration in the media and a report card of activity of illegal immigration in each state. The CCIR aims to spread the knowledge of illegal immigration that is by their definition affecting their children lives in schools and in their communities.

Pro-Immigration - http://www.blogger.com/goog_1920112216

This is the Anti-Defamation League website who's aim it is to speak out against discrimination of immigrants and minorities by people who want to fuel white supremacy and hate groups who aim to ignite fear in people that illegal immigrants are invading America and destroying its culture and trying to take over, violence is another issue that people believe illegal immigrants are coming into communities and causing chaos and destruction to the families in America. Also another stereotype which is being promoted by hate groups and other organizations is that these illegal immigrants bring with them disease. The Anti-Defamation League wants to put an end to these stereotypes and stop hate crimes against minority groups and Latino's which are on the rise. The website has its own Hispanic affairs page where you can find information on the work they do to help maintain communities environments and trying to put an end to the stereotypes which are causing the fear among American communities.

The Mexican Evolution/Confronting the Problem


This article from the New York Times is typically pro Mexican immigration into the United states and suggests that immigration both legal and illegal is having a positive effect on the United states and what it terms the forgotten side of the argument being Mexico itself.

The article is keen to point out statistics from the UN and suggests that the statistics for immigration from Mexico into the US, again both legal and illegal, will fall dramatically in the next few decades. the article attributes this to the side of the equation that is forgotten and that is the effect immigration into the US is having on Mexico. the article states that immigration is having a positive effect on Mexico because it is helping to stabilise the country and the economy as children per woman in Mexico has dropped from 6 to 2 as well as the increasing average life expectancy increasing. all of this in turn improves the countries economy as their are less people living in poverty, an again in turn the improved economy will reduce the numbers of future generations leaving the country as the difference in circumstance will be less significant. Finally the article suggests that Hispanic population in the US has peaked or is soon too and after the first generation has settled, combined with the other factors, the Hispanic population will be decreasing by 2050 rather than increasing and the article is keen to point out that the low cost of employment of immigrants is significant to the US economy and businesses.


this is an article from Bnet a subsidiary business based branch of CBS and it discusses the 'problem' that is Mexican immigration into the US and aims to dissect the reasons for this mass migration and the problems it is having on the US.

The article whilst considerably long in length delves straight into the key issues and begins by establishing some context as to the sheer scale of the 'problem' that is Mexican immigration by outlining the 8,000,000 illegal immigrants believed to be currently in the US and 250,000 that enter each year. The article then discusses why immigration is so easy, it is generally attributed to the huge land border the 2 countries share and the impossibility of policing it effectively. the article then mentions various anti immigration laws which have been passed over recent years, or at least since the problem has been realised. The cost illegals are having on the US tax payer is soon to be mentioned and the article is topped off with the aptly titled section "why Mexicans migrate north" in which the motivations for the Mexican migration are briefly discussed and it is eventually put down to the higher wages and not simply the better living conditions as the article states "They come to solve temporary problems of family finance--by saving dollars and sending them back home in the form of remittances. Their goal is to rejoin their families and communities after a few months or years as sojourners in the American labor market."

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Latino America


This is an article from the New York times regarding the proposed change in Immigration laws in Arizona. The aim of the new law would be to stop allowing immigrants any type of right. Arizona (a south-west state, and therefor close ot the mexican border) would change laws so "Illegal immigrants would be barred from driving in the state, enrolling in school or receiving most public benefits. Their children would receive special birth certificates that would make clear that the state does not consider them Arizona citizens."

This proposed change would single out all illegal immigrants and make surviving in Arizona very hard. However, once in America illegal immigrants can travel anywhere and therefore they could just avoid the state of Arizona, which would help them but it would change the population of Hispanics dramatically in surrounding states. However, as stated in the article by State Senator Russell Pearce “If you are ever going to stop this invasion, and it is an invasion, you have to quit rewarding people for breaking those laws,” This suggests how the people of Arizona see the immigration of Hispanics, and they are clearly not happy with the quick change in population and nationality of the state.

These laws would only encourge discrimination and not allowing certain rights and freedoms would not help their assimilation into America- instead it would stop the idea of the salad bowl completely as many would be discouraged from living in Arizona- which could quite easily then become a predominately Anglo-American state.


This is a website that supports Hispanic Immigration. It is an article which is based on religion. It is about the religious protestants in Chicago who want to embrace the illegal immigrants and are happy to invite them to be Hispanic in America. This article is strange because it comes from the protestant point of view, where Hispanics are traditionally Catholic, which should cause problems- but it doesn't. The article even says that they have a sunday mass that is in Spanish to try and "build a bridge" between the two communtities. Their acceptance of the Hispanic community is amazing- as many Americans do not feel like this. The fact they are Christian and they follow the law of god has a strong impact on their view of the illegal hispanics- and this is stronger than the law's of America.

This article suggests that Hispanics should not be used for cheap labour- because that is exploitation. Instead we should try and embrace the qualities that they do have and use their education to good means in America , because everyone has potential yet the Hispanic community are often not given the chance to show it in their low paid jobs.

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New Black Panther Party

This video is of an interview with Dr Malik Zulu Shabazz (the chairman of the New Black Panther Party) here he talks about black racism, unemployment and police abuse. Shabazz says that the mission of the New Black Panther Party is dedicated to the liberation of black people and the unification of black organizations throughout the USA and the world. Shabazz states “we mush have unity amongst our people, do what the US government isn't” this referring to protection from discrimination, racism and police abuse to unemployment and poverty within black communities.

Shabazz also states that “we exists on an unequal basis” by this he means that black people are treated differently in society and don't receive equality and fairness like other people. Shabazz goes on to say that “we (New Black Panther Party) seek our own nation” this meaning they want to be separate from the society they are in and provide for their own people. Shabazz goes on to talk about President Obama and how having a black president doesn't mean that “justice has come to blacks” he states that the position that President Obama is in he is “constrained because of other influences from republicans and others”. The interview finishes on talking about immigration and Shabazz states that “we are under attack and we are uniting, we are not the illegal immigrants”. Throughout this interview we see reasons for why the New Black Panther Party want a nation of their own for true freedom and equality which they feel they can only achieve in a society of their own people.

Blog 4 African American seperatism


This website is that of the Black Panther movement that rose in America during the 1960s. It describes both the history and the legacy of the Black Panther party that was active between 1966 and 1982. The panthers were heavily involved in the Black power movement and received a lot of criticise for their militant stance. The website is very interesting as it gives many interesting facts and statistics about both the civil rights movement and the black panther movement itself. It emphasizes a 10 point plan for black people in America and set out a plan to achieve African American seperatism(http://www.blackpanther.org/TenPoint.html) .

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Black Panthers

This video is a selection of news and documentary footage taken from the time when the Black Panther movement was at its strongest. The video documents both the reaction to the threats and actions of the black panther's and puts is with footage of people discussing why they are deciding to join the black panthers and why they support the black panthers.

The video is useful because it presents both sides of the black panthers, it demonstrates why the group has been formed and does this by showing a series of videos of black people being attacked and beaten by white people during the civil rights movement, however it also addresses the murder of many police officers and others by the militant group. The video offers the viewer a conflicting view of both a justified reason for outrage and the establishment of such a group and the horrific acts of violence that the group committed as well as the extreme initiations into the group, it informs the viewer that the black panthers weren't just a group you could join if you felt oppressed but you were only welcome if you were prepared to at the least kill a police officer to gain entrance to the group.

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African-American Separatism

This is a video of the New Black Panther Party Minister supporting the words "we should exterminate white people." The New Black Panther Party is fighting for Black Nationalism. Their website states that they want black self-determination and this shows how this African-American separatist group feels they dont have equality in this modern day and age, and still want to be separate to all other communities. The minister does not say either way in the video whether he agree's or disagrees, instead he makes it clear that we should be looking at the white people, and what they have done in order for the professor to say these words. The Minister blames the white community; and therefore in doing this he is supporting the call for extermination.

The video comes after Kamau Kambon spoke these words that caused much debate, and consequently Fox news decided to interview a memeber of the Black Panther Party. The minister would not give an answer on where he stands on white people being the 'grandson of a slave'. This makes the issue hard for many African-Americans as they still know family who were abused by the white community and this generation can still feel hate towards white America for what they have done.

What is interesting in this video is that the idea is brought up of white violence and the need to fight back and be seperate."I came on to talk to my people. My people need to worry about being exterminated because that's the reality in black America. Black America being exterminated is a reality." This video suggests that separatism is needed in African-American because otherwise they will get extermniated, like so often in the past. it suggests that this movement is formed out of fear and the need to pre-empt a strike that could happen at any time.

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Immigration taught in school


This website is Parkland School District in Allentown Pennsylvania. The website shows the modules covered throughout the first to eighth grades, under 'Social Studies' we find that children are taught about US history, Holidays, Famous Americans and Symbols this develops each year and until the eighth grade where children are taught about immigration and how it contributed towards the cultures and policies of the US government. The website doesn't specifically say what area's of immigration are looked at and in what time period for example housing and work during the 19th and 20th Centuries, just how immigration has contributed to America. Also in the eighth grade the Geography module looks at helping students use map skills to analyse the “flow of immigrants from around the world” this will help children to develop an understanding of who came to the US and when and the history modules will discuss the reasons why immigrants came to the US.

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K-12 Immigration


The website above is from designed for 5th graders in a school in North Carolina. The first thing that strikes me is that 5th graders are young in age (elementary school level I think!). Therefore as expected the topic is slightly watered down for them. It teaches immigration using puzzles and activities and encourages external research of the topic. There however does not seem to be any sort or "over-Americanisation" of the topic. They do not seem to teach it differently in America. The website in particular focuses on Ellis Island.

Women & Work

I decided to focus on these two images, as I believe this is still very much the portrayal of women and work that people still have. The images I found were one from the 2006 film, The Devil wears Prada and the 1987 film Fatal Attraction. I thought it would be interesting to highlight how many of the negative connotations that came with not only women at work, but with women in power have not changed since the 80’s. The image of actress Glenn Close in the film I think says volumes about the emotional state that is believed to consume and possess women when let out to the responsibilty of the work place. It almost suggests that women can not be allowed in the work place as they will mess it up, by falling in love or doing something typically, stupidly or uniquely female.
The image of Meryl Streep, I found quite cold and almost echoes ice maiden. Her body language although it suggests professionalism, power and no nonsense somehow you can’t help but feel if she was swapped with a male counterpart it wouldn’t be as chilling and unnerving. Having watched the movie, her coldness isn't only present at work but its reflected in the neglectful relationship she has with her husband and results in most of her maternal instincts, time and effort invested in steering her magazine forward.These ideas, that women turn into psychotic messes or soulless corporate witches seem narrow minded in this day and age, but never the less still exist and supports the view that some feminists still hold, that women still have a long way to go.

Native Americans Today.

The website I looked at was a site branched from a Native American weekly newspaper. The reason why I chose to look at this particular website was because, I found the website truly displayed the collective thoughts of how the Native American people represent and felt about their culture today. The sense of pride in their history is evident the more you browse through the site and displays no sign of a diminishing culture or a sad history. It looks at Native Americans as a whole, rather than one tribe in general. The website not only celebrates the many achievements of the different nations that make up their heritage today but it also focuses on how to advance Native Americans and surrounding communities. Whether you're part of the Indian Nations or not you get an overwhelming sense of traditional brotherly love that is still deeply rooted in Indian Culture today and the encouragement to do better, with the support of indiancountrytoday. With different scholarships available, it isn’t only great opportunities being made available, but also an investment in keeping their heritage alive. This is why I found their motto quite fitting in relation to what they were trying to achieve ‘Serving the nations, celebrating the people.’