Monday, March 7, 2011

African-American Separatism

This is a video of the New Black Panther Party Minister supporting the words "we should exterminate white people." The New Black Panther Party is fighting for Black Nationalism. Their website states that they want black self-determination and this shows how this African-American separatist group feels they dont have equality in this modern day and age, and still want to be separate to all other communities. The minister does not say either way in the video whether he agree's or disagrees, instead he makes it clear that we should be looking at the white people, and what they have done in order for the professor to say these words. The Minister blames the white community; and therefore in doing this he is supporting the call for extermination.

The video comes after Kamau Kambon spoke these words that caused much debate, and consequently Fox news decided to interview a memeber of the Black Panther Party. The minister would not give an answer on where he stands on white people being the 'grandson of a slave'. This makes the issue hard for many African-Americans as they still know family who were abused by the white community and this generation can still feel hate towards white America for what they have done.

What is interesting in this video is that the idea is brought up of white violence and the need to fight back and be seperate."I came on to talk to my people. My people need to worry about being exterminated because that's the reality in black America. Black America being exterminated is a reality." This video suggests that separatism is needed in African-American because otherwise they will get extermniated, like so often in the past. it suggests that this movement is formed out of fear and the need to pre-empt a strike that could happen at any time.

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