Monday, March 14, 2011

Latino America


This is an article from the New York times regarding the proposed change in Immigration laws in Arizona. The aim of the new law would be to stop allowing immigrants any type of right. Arizona (a south-west state, and therefor close ot the mexican border) would change laws so "Illegal immigrants would be barred from driving in the state, enrolling in school or receiving most public benefits. Their children would receive special birth certificates that would make clear that the state does not consider them Arizona citizens."

This proposed change would single out all illegal immigrants and make surviving in Arizona very hard. However, once in America illegal immigrants can travel anywhere and therefore they could just avoid the state of Arizona, which would help them but it would change the population of Hispanics dramatically in surrounding states. However, as stated in the article by State Senator Russell Pearce “If you are ever going to stop this invasion, and it is an invasion, you have to quit rewarding people for breaking those laws,” This suggests how the people of Arizona see the immigration of Hispanics, and they are clearly not happy with the quick change in population and nationality of the state.

These laws would only encourge discrimination and not allowing certain rights and freedoms would not help their assimilation into America- instead it would stop the idea of the salad bowl completely as many would be discouraged from living in Arizona- which could quite easily then become a predominately Anglo-American state.


This is a website that supports Hispanic Immigration. It is an article which is based on religion. It is about the religious protestants in Chicago who want to embrace the illegal immigrants and are happy to invite them to be Hispanic in America. This article is strange because it comes from the protestant point of view, where Hispanics are traditionally Catholic, which should cause problems- but it doesn't. The article even says that they have a sunday mass that is in Spanish to try and "build a bridge" between the two communtities. Their acceptance of the Hispanic community is amazing- as many Americans do not feel like this. The fact they are Christian and they follow the law of god has a strong impact on their view of the illegal hispanics- and this is stronger than the law's of America.

This article suggests that Hispanics should not be used for cheap labour- because that is exploitation. Instead we should try and embrace the qualities that they do have and use their education to good means in America , because everyone has potential yet the Hispanic community are often not given the chance to show it in their low paid jobs.

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