Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Native Americans Today.

The website I looked at was a site branched from a Native American weekly newspaper. The reason why I chose to look at this particular website was because, I found the website truly displayed the collective thoughts of how the Native American people represent and felt about their culture today. The sense of pride in their history is evident the more you browse through the site and displays no sign of a diminishing culture or a sad history. It looks at Native Americans as a whole, rather than one tribe in general. The website not only celebrates the many achievements of the different nations that make up their heritage today but it also focuses on how to advance Native Americans and surrounding communities. Whether you're part of the Indian Nations or not you get an overwhelming sense of traditional brotherly love that is still deeply rooted in Indian Culture today and the encouragement to do better, with the support of indiancountrytoday. With different scholarships available, it isn’t only great opportunities being made available, but also an investment in keeping their heritage alive. This is why I found their motto quite fitting in relation to what they were trying to achieve ‘Serving the nations, celebrating the people.’

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