Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Mexican Evolution/Confronting the Problem

This article from the New York Times is typically pro Mexican immigration into the United states and suggests that immigration both legal and illegal is having a positive effect on the United states and what it terms the forgotten side of the argument being Mexico itself.

The article is keen to point out statistics from the UN and suggests that the statistics for immigration from Mexico into the US, again both legal and illegal, will fall dramatically in the next few decades. the article attributes this to the side of the equation that is forgotten and that is the effect immigration into the US is having on Mexico. the article states that immigration is having a positive effect on Mexico because it is helping to stabilise the country and the economy as children per woman in Mexico has dropped from 6 to 2 as well as the increasing average life expectancy increasing. all of this in turn improves the countries economy as their are less people living in poverty, an again in turn the improved economy will reduce the numbers of future generations leaving the country as the difference in circumstance will be less significant. Finally the article suggests that Hispanic population in the US has peaked or is soon too and after the first generation has settled, combined with the other factors, the Hispanic population will be decreasing by 2050 rather than increasing and the article is keen to point out that the low cost of employment of immigrants is significant to the US economy and businesses.

this is an article from Bnet a subsidiary business based branch of CBS and it discusses the 'problem' that is Mexican immigration into the US and aims to dissect the reasons for this mass migration and the problems it is having on the US.

The article whilst considerably long in length delves straight into the key issues and begins by establishing some context as to the sheer scale of the 'problem' that is Mexican immigration by outlining the 8,000,000 illegal immigrants believed to be currently in the US and 250,000 that enter each year. The article then discusses why immigration is so easy, it is generally attributed to the huge land border the 2 countries share and the impossibility of policing it effectively. the article then mentions various anti immigration laws which have been passed over recent years, or at least since the problem has been realised. The cost illegals are having on the US tax payer is soon to be mentioned and the article is topped off with the aptly titled section "why Mexicans migrate north" in which the motivations for the Mexican migration are briefly discussed and it is eventually put down to the higher wages and not simply the better living conditions as the article states "They come to solve temporary problems of family finance--by saving dollars and sending them back home in the form of remittances. Their goal is to rejoin their families and communities after a few months or years as sojourners in the American labor market."

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