Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Black Panthers

This video is a selection of news and documentary footage taken from the time when the Black Panther movement was at its strongest. The video documents both the reaction to the threats and actions of the black panther's and puts is with footage of people discussing why they are deciding to join the black panthers and why they support the black panthers.

The video is useful because it presents both sides of the black panthers, it demonstrates why the group has been formed and does this by showing a series of videos of black people being attacked and beaten by white people during the civil rights movement, however it also addresses the murder of many police officers and others by the militant group. The video offers the viewer a conflicting view of both a justified reason for outrage and the establishment of such a group and the horrific acts of violence that the group committed as well as the extreme initiations into the group, it informs the viewer that the black panthers weren't just a group you could join if you felt oppressed but you were only welcome if you were prepared to at the least kill a police officer to gain entrance to the group.

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