Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Black Panther Party

This video is of an interview with Dr Malik Zulu Shabazz (the chairman of the New Black Panther Party) here he talks about black racism, unemployment and police abuse. Shabazz says that the mission of the New Black Panther Party is dedicated to the liberation of black people and the unification of black organizations throughout the USA and the world. Shabazz states “we mush have unity amongst our people, do what the US government isn't” this referring to protection from discrimination, racism and police abuse to unemployment and poverty within black communities.

Shabazz also states that “we exists on an unequal basis” by this he means that black people are treated differently in society and don't receive equality and fairness like other people. Shabazz goes on to say that “we (New Black Panther Party) seek our own nation” this meaning they want to be separate from the society they are in and provide for their own people. Shabazz goes on to talk about President Obama and how having a black president doesn't mean that “justice has come to blacks” he states that the position that President Obama is in he is “constrained because of other influences from republicans and others”. The interview finishes on talking about immigration and Shabazz states that “we are under attack and we are uniting, we are not the illegal immigrants”. Throughout this interview we see reasons for why the New Black Panther Party want a nation of their own for true freedom and equality which they feel they can only achieve in a society of their own people.

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