Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blog 6 South West Immigration


You get a feeling for what this website is like by because of it heading. Conservatives who love America. It is not strictly just anti immigration but a website voicing American conservationism. They are against South West immigration for a number of issues. Firstly they say that unlike other forms of immigration they cannot be properly assimilated into America (the melting pot) and the claim that this will result in a separate quasi nation in the United states. They also claim that they are overly politicly active.

This latino affairs page of ADL. The adl serve to support immigrants and stand up for their rights. They have not just supported Latino integration but integration of several immigrant and religious groups. It runs training programs to help understanding of such issues. They claim to have "taken a role exposing the virulent, anti Latino and xenophobic retertoric" that has risen over the immigration debate.

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