Sunday, May 1, 2011

9/11 commerative video

This is a video from YouTube and the video itself creates a sense of unity amongst all Americans- and the amount of views the video has had also implies that America comes together in such harsh times.
The images create a sense of despair and shock in America and truly represent the American tragedy. They are of crying and distraught people, who simply cannot do anythning but cry for their countries loss, or even the loss of their family and friends. The continuos image of the American flag is important in this short video as it re-creates the sense of American ideals, and the unity the ocountry has. The colours of the red and blue also distinctly constrast to the dark rubble the flags are being placed in. I think this shows not only respect to the individuals who lost their lives, but also that America is going to fight back and conquer the dark forces that were behind the horrific attack on America. This unity marks a turning point in American history- as it had been at least 10 years since the country united over a common enemy and a war. The phrases such as 'hope' that are clearly shown suggest that America has not given up, and that they will put the people that died that day to rest, whether this by retalitation or not. The video gives america an identity of unity and closeness. The citizens all come together, whatever race, whatever class to join the war on terror. Everyone that died that day and that was affected was seen as American, and 9/11 erased any barriers between minorities and created a common cause for the people of America once more. America is the victim like history has always suggested.
The image at the end of the video re-inforces the American identity and importance of religion in America. The cross emphasises the christian nation that America is and also suggest that god is looking after these people. This is included in the video because religion is a driving force is so many americans lives, and the idea of god taking care of America and those who lost thier lives makes people feel better. God is a guding force in many Americans lives, and will continue to join people together in the aftermath of 9/11.

This is a video i found whilst on YouTube and i just wanted to post it because i think it is a stunning tribute to the victims of 9/11. The horses suggests that all of America is haunted by that day, it is not simply the lives of humans that were changed, but all living things in America felt the impact and the loss of th people, and the building. The music suggests a sense of sadness, and is very moving.
I like the images of the horses bowing and stopping before they even reach New York- it shows a sense of respect and re-enforced the significance of the attack as we look at the altered skyline and the distance the horses travelled just to bow their heads and a pay their respects.
I could not uses the video for the actuall blog task because it is a commercial (aired only once however, so not to make a profit) by Budweiser, and therefore does not truly reflect the citizens horror and anguish on the day of 9/11. But it is a truly moving advert and a good tribute to the 9/11.

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