Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Reactions

Osama Bin Laden Reactions

I have chosen to discuss reaction videos to Osama Bin Ladens death for two reasons, the first being that it is the more recent event and as such i have a greater understanding than i did when i was 8 years old. Secondly the reaction videos to Osama Bin Ladens Death are generally people speaking about the event where as most of the 9/11 videos were news footage with music playing.

This firsr video is of an American who has a news show on youtube, i have chosen to discuss this video as it presents a well formulated reaction to the death of Osama Bin Laden and partcularly he addresses what this event means to him and America as a nation. he discusses how it has taken 10 years to kill him as well as adressing the countless conspiracy theories. But most importantly he discusses where he was on 9/11 and how he remembers it as a young person. There is also an acknowledgement of the lost lives on both sides which i felt was significant as it displays the dying perception that America is the saviour of the world and can do no wrong.
finally he discusses how the death of Osama really has no effect on whats going on in Afghanistan but is cosmetic victory for America "just in time for a sputtering re-election campaign.

Over all the video shows a balanced an reasoned reaction to the death of Osama.

This second video presents the opposite to the first video, it shows the spontaneous American enlightenment to the fact that Osama is dead. But most importantly it shows how important this news was to Americans as it is probably not the way anyone in Britain reacted to this news. The video mentions how the American dream is still relevant in America and "if you work hard you can do well in America"

this shows how unlike the first video the attitude that America is exceptional, still. The above statement is an indication that he feels this would not be possible in any other country it's the 'only in America' attitude.

Fianlly the video descends into chanting USA, USA over and over, something that reflects what was happening in America at the time this video was made. There is much less awareness to any wrong doing on Americas part, the fact that thousands of innocent people would have died in the lead up to this event is insignificant because this is the victory America needed.

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