Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Relationship of America & China

This is an article from USA today discussing the relationship between America and China, the relationship is described as one that as they are “the two most powerful economies on earth cannot long continue to thrive without each other”. The article states “China is here to stay” these statements indicate that both countries need each other to excel in the world and they are in it for the foreseeable future. Even though the United States wouldn't be where it is today without China the article states that China has to come to terms with the fact that they “never will replace the United States” as a world superpower. This is due to the issues China is dealing with such as human rights. The article states that “both countries share enough at minimum a common aspiration for peace and prosperity that cooperation makes far more sense than a struggle”. This again relates to the difference within both countries and not letting issues they are both dealing with at home interfere with the work and policies they agree upon. The article also states that China will never over take the US because of how each country treats and spends on it military. “China spending between one-seventh and one-fifth of what the United States does on defence, our security is assured well into the future. Our fighting force is the biggest and most expensive — perhaps even the best — the world has ever known.” this shows that the US feel the need to have a larger and better military than any other country, not just China, to remain on top. This could be seen as a fear the United States has that they have to always be on guard for a foreign attack especially after 9/11 also it could be seen as a threat to other countries that they would want to be on the right side of the US because they have the advantage of having a bigger and stronger defence than any other country. As China holds most of the United States debt so it makes it an even more important issue for the United states to have a positive relationship with China.

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