Sunday, May 22, 2011

Contemporary America

I have chosen this website for my final post. It is a live count of the illegal aliens in America, amongst other figures. I think this website represents contemporary America the most because 21st century America has become focused upon immigrants (legal and illegal) and how they have changed and will change the country. Contemporary America has altered the national character because of immigration, the workforce has been altered because of illegal immigration and the media has had to be altered because of immigration.

This counter refers only to illegal immigration- and the speed the counter goes up at is shocking! It really highlights the problem contemporary America has with illegal immigration. The figures that define 'other than Mexican' immigrants is perhaps most important to contemporary America. It suggests that most illegal immigrants are Hispanic, and this is thus why there have been new names created for America, such as Mex-america. It is the immigration that is altering the national character most. As a figure below shows, there are an increasing amount of illegal immigrants in the schooling system- which has lead to debates over the national language and how history should be taught.

This illegal immigration, which is what is being counted has dramatically changed the economics of the workplace. America can now pay illegal immigrants less than minimum wage, and treat their workforce how they like- because as the counter suggests, there is always someone ready to take their place if a complaint is made. I think this is shocking- and America should treat all humans equally if their constitution and ideals are to stay strong. None the less, it is interesting to see the continuous influx of illegal immigrants into America- and it gives people such as myself a visual representation of how dire the situation in America is. This counter for many America politicians should pose a real problem- do they shut the golden door to America, or leave it open and allow this number to keep increasing?

What is most interesting is why these immigrants flee to America? There is so much press regarding the sub-standard of living and life these illegal immigrants have to endure, so it makes one wonder why it continues. But the answer is simple, it is the idea of the American dream which is driving the illegal immigration in America!

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