Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Christian Coalition of America

the group i have chosen is the Christian Coalition of America. Their website is a Christian based news/politics website with information regarding their own agenda for the year in politics, how you as a good Christian can have an impact on the government and general news about what is going on in the world of politics.

the group was founded in 1989 and is largely a grass roots movement from the political right. The group is concerned with being overtly pro family and protecting the family from the government. the site also boasts the the sheer size of the Christian Coalition of America has achieved in the last decade, pointing out how they are active in every state in the USA and pledge millions into education every year. The group stresses the importance of christians voting in elections to ensure the righteous and good decisions get made.

In terms of identity it is apparent from this site that an American Christian identity is one that strongly revolves around politics and government, with the site even saying "Today, Christians need to play an active role in government again like never before." so it is clear from this that politics is something that is extremely important in the contemporary Christian identity in american, the need for Christianity to have a large impact on how things run in the USA is great. Religion is something these people believe their nation was founded upon and is something they are keen to ensure remains prominent in how things are run. It is perhaps because of this that it is so important for candidates to be particularly religious because if they are not they could lose the backing of a huge portion of the country and the Christian Coalition of America is well aware of this. They use the knowledge that the Christian community has great power in politics to ensure the best decisions are made and the right Christian candidates get into office.

Despite the organisations name the Christian element within the organisation, for better or worse, doesn't seem to be to apparent or exploited on the website. In fact excluding the name and the one reference to Christians already mentioned there is virtually no religious paraphernalia on the site, there are no crucifixes or pictures of Jesus etc. littering the site. The main agenda of the site would seem to be getting the vote of the person visiting and the religious element of the site is just used to attract the audience it requires and get donations to its causes.

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