Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Women and Work

This first image is from the 1980's and the caption reads “a career... a family to care for... gee! I've got it all!” this is clearly suggestive in that it shows that women are satisfied and happy with their lives of being a housewife or stay-at-home-mom. This is a generalization which has been shun by many women as an idea of the “perfect life” as there has been a huge increase in the number of women who have better educations and in turn better career's. In this picture it shows a woman stood in the kitchen with her hand on her hip (which is deemed as a feminine pose), holding an oven mitt and a towel hanging from her side, it also shows that the woman looks after her self and takes pride in her appearance as well as the appearance of the house, hence the cleanliness of the kitchen, the woman is wearing make-up, nail polish and a dress. This differs from Nickel and Dimed as the woman in the image is presented as doing the work Barbara was getting paid to do when she worked for The Maids, this woman seems to have married into a life where she doesn't need to go out to work as she is supported by her husband and her work is within the home.

This image shows three business women and one business man in a work place which displays the image that women play a bigger role in positions which are usually dominated by men. Also in this image it seems that the woman stood up looks like she is the one who is in charge which many people may see stereotypically the male as being the boss. This image is very different to the first image the women are wearing suits which are dull colours, not bright colours some may see as “girlie colours” like pink and yellow. The women still present themselves as taking pride in their appearance, they are smartly dressed, wearing make-up and have their hair done as well as wearing jewellery, rings, watches and earrings. In relation to Nickel and Dimed these women are a few that may have succeeded and come so far in life because they are well educated and that's why they aren't working in a diner or at Wal Mart because their opportunities in life will have been a lot different to a majority of people in society.

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