Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blog 2 Women and work

This is certainly a very different representation of women. It shows a women serving in the army wearing uniform and carrying a gun. Serving in the front line of the military is commonly seen as a highly masculine job and is not a job assosicated with women. It therefore challenges the "traditional" steriotype of women that they should stay at home, look after the family and put food on the table. It now seems to be fairly commonplace for women to serve in the military.

This however is a more traditional view of women. The traditional stereotype that women should spend time in the kitchen, cook and look after their family. Of course this is far less commonplace today and the idea of women working for money outside the house is far more common. In some cases there is some role reversal with women being the main source of income in a house rather than men. This was unlikely to be the case 50 years ago.

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