Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ogala Sioux Tribe

The Ogala Sioux or Sioux tribe is one of the most famous Native American tribes particularly because of their fierce battles with the US army and the massacre that eventually ensued as a result of their resistance.

The Sioux website offers a detailed history of their tribe and offers a traditional story telling history of the historic events in the Sioux past. These re-tellings of events are labeled under headings such as "What happened at wounded knee: the true story of the US Army's massacre" Which offers almost a story telling perspective of the infamous battle which suggests other reasons why the massacre occurred other than that presented by the US military.

As well as the site offering a detailed history from a native American perspective, the site also functions on a contemporary level providing information about up and coming events within the Sioux community such as the recent election of the OST president. The site also provides information on how to donate to the reservation, employment options within the community and entertainment and artwork produced by the natives. There is also a tab which allows you to view a history of tribal chiefs.

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