Monday, February 21, 2011

American Tribes

The Klamath tribe is based in the Klamath Basin in Oregon. The website has a very traditional 'American Indian' feel to it. The first images that are seen are those of Indian head-dresses, with feathers and the images of nature. The Klamath tribes' website is extremely positive and upbeat about their future and position in society. There is talk about the future and the recognition they want to get from protecting nature whilst creating a profit. This is not the website of a tribe who feel threatened, instead they feel necessary in the community they live in. The Klamath tribe has a mission to

"protect, preserve, and enhance the spiritual, cultural, and physical values and resources of the Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin Peoples . . ."

This shows that the tribe see's there current position in society as important, and one of preserving their beautiful natural resources. This is re-enforced with the tribes logo on the webiste, which has many animal images on it enjoying the beauty of nature. There are also many energy effiecent agreements made between the tribe and government aswell such as the 'Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement' which aims to preserve nature. However moving around the website it is obvious that the current tribe also has another vision for the current and future situation; one of economic prosperity having "At present, with current enrolled membership around 3,500, the Klamath Tribes contribute about $25 million per annum to Klamath County's economy in the form of payroll, direct expenses and goods and services." This shows how the history and aims of Tribes have chnaged. They no longer want just to survive, but instead become part of Americas capitalist society and prosper.

The history is shown as one of struggle and friendship as the tribe stcuk together to survive. The tribe has been involved in the Modoc war, and has faced constant struggle against the federal government for recognition (like a lot of tribes) and they have been sucessful. The website makes sure that the readers knows that the have lived a hard life and have only recently found prosperity and gained the ability to live freely on their land. They believe that their constant battles and strenght of character to fight helps define them:

"We help each other; We will live good"

The history of all tribes in America is one of a rough ride; and the Klamath tribe is no different. There have been struggles in the past as the settlers struggle to accept that they can live side by side. However as the website states in 1986 we were successful in regaining Restoration of Federal Recognition for our Tribes. And the battle was won! This means the tribe is free to live; with many festivals and parties to show their off their culture and way of life.

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